Dash can equip a number of accessories, and two at a time. He starts out with the Memento. Accessories mostly have Secondary stats, though some also have Primary stats. Most have two stats, though Legend weapons have three once they are fully upgraded. Aside from Legend, accessories can be obtained from the main page shop or from the Story Mode shops.

Gladiator's Coin is a key item that increases your damage and defense. It gives the property Gladiator's Gift and has 3 levels, denote in roman numberals (I, II, III). Buying more weapons, armor, and accessories will increase this property.

Most accessories do not have a required level to unlock and purchase, unlike weapons and armor. Many are behind an achievement. One requires following Tiny Titan Studios on Twitter, the other requires liking them on Facebook.

Images of all accessories, courtesy of Cain.

Secondary 1 Secondary 2 Secondary 3 Currency Cost Unlock
Memento Luck +1 ??? - -
Adventurer's Ring Max HP +10 Max MP +5 Facebook Like
Adventurer's Charm Max HP +5 Max MP +10 Twitter Follow
Swift Boots Speed +23 Airstream +5 gold
Vigor Belt Max HP +25 gold
Bracer Defense +14 gold
Gold Earring Intelligence +5 Max MP +15 gold
Mitten Defense +6 Ice Damage% +10 gold
Battle Specs Crit% +5 Vs. Weakness% +10 gold
Power Glove Damage +10 Bomb Damage +50 gold
Lucky Die Luck +10 gold
Phoenix Feather Max HP +50 Revive% +5 gold
Ranger Sling Damage +15 Item Cooldown% -15 gold
Wizard's Book Max MP +30 Mana Cost% -15 gold
Zephyr Cape Dodge% +5 Airstream +15 gold
Pocket Watch Speed +46 Attack +57 gold
Golden Egg Pet XP% +50 gold
Ninja Belt Throw Damage% +10 Auto Smokebomb gold Story Mode Shop
Mimic Box Copy Spell% +5 Dupe Item% +5 gold
Crystal Earring Intelligence +10 Max MP +50 gold
Sorceror's Orb Max MP +75 Spell Cooldown% -15 gold
Spiked Shield Defense +42 Block Damage +10 gold
Venom Gland Resist Poison% +100 Auto Poison% +1 5th chest in bat battalion
Mystical Pendant Max HP +100 Size +25 gold
Bomb Pouch Bomb Damage +100 Mega Bomb% +10 gold
Wrath Wrists Damage +20 Instant Kill% +2 gold
Pegasus Treads Auto Haste% +5 Airstream +25 gold
Mysterious Mask gold
Hero's Ring Max HP +100 Charge Damage +50 gold
Soldier's Cap Defense +57 Charge Size +2 gold
Vagabond's Mask Sneak Attack% +50 Dodge% +10 gold
Conjurer's Sigil Crit Bonus: Mana +2 Copy Spell% +10 gold
Angel's Harp Revive% +100 Revive Limit +1 gold
Titan Mitt Super Range% +5 Damage +25 gold
Holy Relic Revive HP +9999 Holy Damage% +50 gold
Augmenting Tome Mana Cost% +10* Intelligence +50 gold
Titan Pauldrons Super Range% +5 Defense +85 gold
Magic Ring Auto Missile% +1 Missile Count +3 epic coins 1500
Fire Pendant Auto Burn% +1 Fire Damage% +25 epic coins 1500
Mirror Shield Block Projectile% +25 Return Damage +15 epic coins 1500
Ghost Knight's Soul Summon Damage% +25 Crit Damage% +100 epic coins 2500
Hydra's Heart Fire Damage% +10 Summon Dur% +25 epic coins 2500
Lunar Ring Meteor Count +10 Max MP +25 epic coins 3000
Lunar Amulet Meteor Damage +50 Intelligence +10 epic coins 3000
Gale Gauntlets Airstream +25 Auto Tornado% +1 epic coins 3000
Odin's Helm Lit Damage% +25 Defense +57 epic coins 5000
Sensei's Wraps Auto Ninjutsu% +1 Throw Damage% +25 epic coins 5000
Cracked Orb Mana Cost% +20* Free Cast% +25 epic coins 5000
Raptor Talon Crit% +3/+30 Sneak Attack% +5/+50 Auto Haste - - daily dungeon
Cat's Eye Band Luck +1/+10 Intelligence +3/+30 Auto Spell - - daily dungeon

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