The Daily Dungeon is a dungeon that changes daily. It is available at Level 10. By dashing 10,000M, you will obtain a legendary item. The legendary item changes depending on which dungeon it is. It is recommended to have at least some Epic Items or be using a Mage Build. You will also obtain chests by running a certain amount of M. (2 chests in total per dungeon)

Mage BuildEdit

.This build's focus is to use the Lightning spell continuously by using items that reduce the cool down of the Lightning spell.


  • Ivory Staff The Ivory Staff will reduce magic usage by 30%, and Spells cool down by 30%. The reduced cool down will work well with the Lighting Spell.

If you do not have enough gold, any of the many staffs will work fine, as your weapon doesn't matter that much. But not using the Ivory Staff will tend to make this build much less stronger, as Lightning will have a high cool down.


For armor, you can use any Mantle or mage related armor. For high damage, use Odin's Plate.

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