For those who have Hydra's Fang level 10, I would tell you how to build the ultimate build for Dash Quest. (I get it to level 10 with the common and epic chests in one week.)

It would be easy to pass any stage with the high bonus crit damage despite the short range as it has high attack speed.

To make it even more imbalance (for late stage):

(1) Get Hydra's Fang to level 10 with 50% crit chance.

(2) For Skills, max skills with critical hits, critical damage and bomb damage. (and all other skills that are useful)

(3) For accessories, equip Conjurer's Sigil for crit bonus: Mana +2 (now you have nearly unlimited mana to spam).

(4) Second accessory I would recommend Battle Specs for the extra Crit%+5, or Pocket Watch for Attack+57 and Speed+46.

(5) Get Bomber Jacket with 1,000,000 gold for auto bomb 5% and crit bonus: mega bomb +5. (The key to free clicking mode, except for magic spells once a while.)

(6) For Magic, get Blade Ring (need it to hit monsters to get critical hits for unlimited mega bombs, so you would not have to spam hit for block ever again). Get Haste (for fast travelling). Get Recover (for healing) *Note that now you have high critical hits & damage, say goodbye to finger spamming, unlimited mana refill, super healing and high damage mega bombs! Now hardly any monster will hit you while you are dashing.

(7) Lastly, For Legend Bonuses, it would be highly recommended to reach level 100 before you restarts your hero again, as you would get 15 Perk Points at level 100. Use the Perk Points to upgrade King of Blades: to increase Crit Chance with daggers and knives by 5% per level. 19:22, February 20, 2017 (UTC)zy122.100.157.163 19:22, February 20, 2017 (UTC)

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